The history of Hashmi is about daring and dedicated people who find themselves satisfied by serving humanity with love made visible by effective action, through research and development followed by manufacture. Our history started with a handful of spirited people more than two centuries ago, working with meager facilities and limited resources. The environment has improved considerably and so as the pioneering spirit of a closely-knit family. Fascinated by the idea of mitigating the sufferings of the ailing humanity, Hakim Mohammad Hashim came out with Surma (Kohl), a unique medicament from the Eastern Pharmacopoeia which had amazing curative and therapeutic properties for eyes.

The company Mohammad Hashim Tajir Surma was established by Hakim Mohammad Hashim in 1794 at Bareilly, India. Fascinated by the idea of alleviating the sufferings of the ailing humanity, the founder introduced Surma (KOHL) in the sub-continent, which is a unique medicament from eastern pharmacopoeia that has amazing curative and therapeutic properties for the eyes. Unique formulations exclusively prepared by our ancestors became well known all over the sub-continent for their curative and healing effect on the masses, thus the “HASHMI” brand becomes a household name in the sub-continent.

After the inception of Pakistan, the company offices were shifted to Karachi, then capital and industrial hub of the country. With the passage of time, the company has gained more momentum and undergone considerable transformation, especially over the last two decades. The steady growth and success of our company and the position it secured as a leading business house were due to the family’s two hundred years’ experience and trust placed in the company by its customers.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the founder is passed down from generation to generation within the family replacing conventional methods of preparation with state of the art technology. Under the management of the present generation, the whole process of formulation, production and packaging entered a new era of automation. Based on the same principles, numerous new products have been added to the range of “HASHMI SURMA” (KOHL) and “HASHMI KAJAL”, over the years.

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